About me? First of all, it feels funny to even write this. I'm happy to talk about my kids, my family, my crazy dog...but me? I guess there is more than one reason I prefer to be behind the lens.

Here I go: I am a mom to three beautiful kids and one insane puppy dog. A wife to the luckiest man alive (ha, and clearly a funny wife at that.) And a photographer. It makes me really happy to write that. I love taking pictures. I love capturing emotions. I love freezing time. And I love sharing my talent with people who also appreciate these things.

There was a time when I suited up and went to an adult job. Now I prefer to get down and dirty with toddlers. Talk super heroes with our next generation. Get to know the beautiful kids who I am lucky enough to photograph. Prompt families to interact in an impromptu manner. I love everything about this craft. Except writing about myself :)